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It is not uncommon to encounter a situation where novice cargo owners think they can handle all the tasks on their own. They believe that mediators are not needed in this case, and all documents can be executed on time and correctly personally, using luck, intelligence and experience for this.

But in practice, the customs broker remains exactly that specialist, whose help often becomes a determining factor in the work process.

Anyone can find themselves in a similar situation, and this problem significantly complicates business activity. As a result of unprofessional actions in the cargo registration process


In the process of international trade, we often have to face problems in the course of sending goods abroad.

The rules governing the movement of goods between borders are quite complicated, so the services of a customs broker in this case remain the best choice for those who do not want to disrupt the deadlines and also want to be sure that the goods will be delivered in full integrity. Therefore, more and more cargo owners are turning to companies that offer customs services to their customers.

This kind of cooperation is interesting because issues at the border will be dealt with by real professionals in their field, to whom the client delegates the protection of their rights and interests before the controlling structures.

What we offer:

  • comprehensive processing of customs declarations for all procedures;
  • preparation of additional documents, e.g. Certificates of origin;
  • we declare in all customs regimes (import, export, transit and others);
  • temporary storage warehouses (Velika Dymerka, Lviv);
  • modern IT solutions;
  • flexibility in adapting to customer needs;
  • electronic registration of cargo and vehicles;
  • comfortable living conditions for both drivers and customs brokers.